If you'd rather eat microwave meals for a month than email your list, this is for you.

Ready to fuel your handmade business growth?

You KNOW you have to email your list, but you don’t know what to say so you wind up just staring at the computer screen for hours in fear of being annoying or salesy.

Which means you’re constantly second guessing what to even send your list.

“I’m scared they’ll unsubscribe!”

“I can’t email more than once a month.”

“What the HELL do I even say?! They’ll hate me!”


It’s no wonder why it takes you hours to write an email and most of the time, you don’t even click send…

But what if you could magically (almost) have ALL of your emails written for you?

…Like ALL of your emails?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING before but you are still stuck. No matter what you do, how many coaches you listen to or YouTube videos you watch, you still have no idea what to actually send to your newsletter. But you know you need to send those emails…

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. I know, I know. You’ve tried it all before and all it did was make you feel even more inadequate. Because let’s face it, NO ONE CARES ABOUT NATIONAL PIZZA DAY.

…And your subscribers sure as hell don’t want to be bothered with that, either. Please don’t send that crap to them 💙

You do a ton of work trying to figure it out, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. If “national pizza day” was the topic of one of your latest emails, this might be why. It’s okay! It’s not your fault.

You’re not sure another “thing” can help you. But you wish someone who actually has EXPERIENCE in your shoes and knows what they’re talking about would just guide you. I know, you feel you’ve been duped one too many times in the past. I don’t blame you one bit. I’m sick of the BS, too.

I loved the templates for the various categories of emails. Complete with examples, they really help me get inspired to send out my weekly emails. The resource page that Jackie has is super useful and expands out of just email marketing and into general business as well.

This course has helped give me the confidence to email my list once a week. The templates provide a great launching point for inspiration as well as the mind map exercise Jackie goes through in her other course. The skills picked up in Email Magic can be applied to Social Media as well. This was exactly the kickstart I needed to get my marketing on track.

Jessie Gospatric

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

No one was born with email marketing skills. That and all the “stuff” out there either doesn’t apply to you or is just a bunch of fluff and hype marketed as “relationship marketing”.

Trust me, I know. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and wasted countless hours learning the hard way. You see, when it comes to email marketing for products based businesses, it’s a bit different. Well, a lot different.

But when you’re a handmade products based business, that’s where it gets tricky! I swear the pressure is even greater because our subscribers expect more from us…

So what's a handmade seller like yourself going to do?

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible to have all of your marketing emails taken care of and what it will feel like when you’ve actually built solid relationships with your customers.

So much that they tell you your emails are the highlight of their inbox every week, right after they’re done placing their order with you, of course.

All the time you’ll get back, no more wasting hours wondering what to say in your emails. Actually sending the email and HOLY CRAP! Actually making sales, like within minutes of hitting send.

Having, for the first time, a solid marketing plan that you feel great about. This plan is the backbone of your business, doing ALL the heavy lifting so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Like making new products! Spending time with your family that hasn’t seen you leave your craft cave in god knows how long 💙

A plan that pays the bills!

Your life before Email Magic:

Your life after Email Magic:


Email Magic

25+ Email Marketing Templates (with examples) covering everything from weekly newsletters to developing the most badass welcome series ever.

(Written from an actual six figure handmade business with 11+ years experience)


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The Templates

What You'll Get

25+ mad-lib style templates that will give you your voice. You already have it all inside you, you just need something to tap into your own magic and bring it out.



The Perfect 6 Part Welcome Series

The first 72 hours after someone joins your list are the most important in developing a relationship for life. This automated welcome series will set the stage for raving fans eager to buy from you and open your emails.


The Perfect 3 Part Abandoned Cart Series

Did I just say…series?! Yeah, I really did. These templates are golden. You won’t find a better way to develop trust this quickly.



The Perfect 22 Weekly Emails

Not only will you never fear sending emails, you will become a total badass at emailing every single week. You will find your voice with these templates. Just like magic 💙

Plus, You'll also get

Oh yes, there's Bonuses...

Bonus #1

Hello Again Series – What to Say When You Haven’t Emailed in Forever

Bonus #2

Goodbye Series – What to Do When They Haven’t Been Opening Your Emails

Bonus #3

9 NO-BS Ways to Get People to Join Your Email List

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Who the hell am I and why should you care?

Hey there, I'm Jackie

Since 2011, I’ve been running my own handmade business, The Wicked Griffin. I sell my handcrafted Pagan jewelry on Etsy, Handmade at Amazon and on my own website. Through my social media and email marketing, I consistently make six figures every year in an ultra-niche market. Now I want to share everything I know to help other handmade businesses build the business of their dreams.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my kids, hiking, mushroom hunting and hanging out with my chickens (in real life and in Stardew Valley). I am a jewelry tool junkie, but have no plans of ever seeking help to cure my insatiable addiction.

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Questions That Savvy Handmade Business Owners Ask Before Purchasing Email Magic

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.

And legally, I cannot make any guarantees. No monetary or performance (open rates or click-through purchase rates) are guaranteed with the Email Magic.

If you have any questions, please email me: jackie@marketingandheart.com before making a purchase.

Yes! Plus any future updates if I choose to add them.

These templates are made from the actual emails I send my customers, so if I try something new and see good results, I’ll add the new template to Email Magic.

Simple! I come from a place of actual experience. I’m not just some random person making crap up to sell to you.

These templates are the results of 7+ years of actual email marketing as a handmade business.

You will NOT find templates covering national pizza day or talking about the weather. These templates are designed to build a real relationship with your customers and get you some sales at the same time.

You don’t! But I do hope that eventually you get one because it will amplify your email marketing like you’ve never seen.

But for now, it’s totally okay if you don’t have a website, the templates in Email Magic will work for you.

No problem! These templates will get your creative juices flowing. You won’t have to worry about what to say, the templates do all that work.

Amazing, right?

Nope! While these templates will do all the heavy lifting, they only tell you what to say, not how to say it.

Think of these templates as a mad-libs style guide. No one but you has your voice.

And while I encourage you to change up the templates to suite your needs, it’s totally okay to use them exactly as they are.

You’ll be a pro in no time!

I’m glad you asked! I won’t just be sending you some email with a link to download.

Stuff like that pisses me off. Plus I wanted to make this as amazing as I could for you.

What you’ll be getting is access to a course style format. Which is so much better than a link to a download because you will never lose the templates.

This also allows me to add updates or make changes and ensures that you get access to them.

I do!

But only for customers of Email Magic that provide a testimonial.

Then you can get your affiliate link so you can start earning and essentially get Email Magic for free 🙂

No problem!

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You're all the way down here? I'm the same way!

We both know if you’re all the way down here and reading this that you’re definitely interested. And you also know that there’s no money in “the list” unless you actually send those emails.

So say goodbye to the blank mind when it comes time to write an email and say hello to your brand new, solid email marketing system that you’ll be reaping the rewards from for years to come.

See you on the inside!