For Handmade & Etsy Sellers...

Email Magic Membership Club

Level up your email marketing effortlessly with weekly, fill-in-the-blank style templates, even if you're strapped for time or at a loss for words for just $9 a month ?

Ever Feel Like This?

  • You sit in front of your computer, staring at the blank screen. The blinking cursor is taunting you. What should you say to your subscribers this week? ?
  • How do you come up with fresh, engaging content for every email? It feels like you've already said everything there is to say ?
  • You know you should be reaching out to your subscribers every week, but finding the time is a challenge ⏰
  • Your list of responsibilities is never-ending, and writing an email often falls to the bottom of the list ?
  • You find yourself wondering if there's an easier way to stay consistent with your email marketing ?

If you're nodding your head right now, you're not alone. 

These are common struggles for handmade business owners and Etsy sellers, but they're not struggles you have to face alone.


Email Magic Membership Club

This monthly membership program will give you access to unique, mad-libs style email templates that are designed specifically for handmade business owners like YOU.

Every Week You'll Get:

  • 1 mad-libs style email template
  • Useful tips to make the email even better for your niche
  • Social media captions to go along with that weeks email theme
  • 1 Short form video script
  • 1 relevant marketing tip

For just $9 a month, you'll receive a new email template each week

That's 4 incredible, ready-to-use email templates, marketing tips, social media captions and short form video scripts every month!

Imagine How It'll Feel If You Had...


You don’t have to worry about what to say in your emails anymore! Get new email marketing templates every week that can easily be tailored to your brand voice and specific offerings.


Our email templates are carefully crafted for handmade businesses and Etsy sellers. Whether you're selling hand-knit sweaters or handcrafted furniture, we've got you covered.


No more time wasted trying to figure out what to say. Just fill in the blanks and watch your emails come to life! For just $9 per month, you’ll receive weekly email templates that can transform your email marketing game.

Email Magic Membership Club is brought to you by Jackie Fatica, a six-figure full-time handmade jewelry biz owner

I started my handmade business in 2011 not knowing a single thing about running a business. I did all the wrong things, played those stupid Etsy games hoping for sales…getting nowhere and making didly squat for dollars. 

Eventually I invested what little I had in my education, tweaking and implementing different things until I finally stared seeing some success.

  ? In 2013 I opened an Instagram account and learned how to grow it. 

  ? In 2015 I started an email list and learned how to actually use it. 

  ? By 2016 I had quit my job because I was making a full-time income. 

  ? 2017 is when I started to make yearly six-figures and it’s also when I started implementing strategies for my website that would result in thousands of organic visitors to my site every month to this day.

Just imagine… no more staring at a blank screen, trying to find the perfect words. With our Email Magic Membership Club, you’ll have a treasure trove of captivating emails right at your fingertips.

Plus, Exclusive Access to the Student Community


You Might Be Wondering

Can I See A Sample Week?

You Bet!


What is the Email Magic Membership Club?

Email Magic Membership Club is a monthly subscription that provides handmade business owners and Etsy sellers with 1 mad libs style email template, 1 social media caption, 1 short form video script and 1 marketing tip per week. These templates are specifically tailored to help you create engaging and personalized email campaigns that focus on relationship building for your business.

How does the membership work?

Once you sign up for the membership, you will receive access to a new mad libs style email template every week. These templates can be customized with your own content and sent out to your email list. The templates are designed to make your email marketing efforts easier, more creative, and ultimately more effective in reaching your target audience. You will receive the weekly templates via email and also in a dedicated student hub.

Can I use the email templates for any type of business?

While the email templates are tailored for handmade business owners and Etsy sellers, the concepts and ideas behind them can be applied to various industries and business types. The templates serve as a starting point, and you can customize them to fit your specific business and target audience.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. There are no long-term commitments, and you can manage your subscription through your member dashboard. However, please note that cancellation may result in the loss of access to future templates and resources.

Do I have access to previous templates if I join later?

When you join the membership, you will have access to the templates available from the start of your subscription. However, previous templates released before you joined will not be accessible. The membership focuses on providing new and fresh templates each week.

Is there any support or guidance provided with the membership?

Yes, as a member, you will have access to ongoing support and guidance. You can reach out to our customer support team for any questions or assistance you may need regarding the membership or the email templates.

Can I share or distribute the email templates to others?

No, the email templates provided in the membership are for your personal use and business only. Sharing, distributing, or reselling the templates is strictly prohibited and a violation of the membership terms and conditions.

Can I use the email templates with my preferred email marketing platform?

Yes! Simply copy and paste the content from the template into your email editor, add your branding elements, and send it out to your subscribers.

Can I provide feedback or suggest ideas for future email templates?

Absolutely! We value your feedback and suggestions. As a member, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on the templates and suggest ideas for future email templates. We strive to continuously improve and tailor our content to meet the needs of our members. Your input helps us create even more valuable and relevant email templates for your business.

Do I need to have prior email marketing experience to benefit from the membership?

No, you do not need prior email marketing experience to benefit from the membership. The mad libs style email templates are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to business owners at all levels of experience. Whether you're a beginner or have some email marketing knowledge, the templates provide a framework to help you create engaging emails without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Can I use the email templates for automated email sequences or campaigns?

Yes, the email templates can be utilized for automated email sequences or campaigns. You can customize the templates to fit your desired automation workflow and incorporate them into your automated sequences or campaigns. This allows you to maintain consistency and engagement throughout your customer journey.

Are there any best practices or tips for using the email templates effectively?

Yes, along with the email templates, you will receive best practices and tips on how to use them effectively. These guidelines will help you optimize the templates for maximum engagement and conversions. They may include suggestions on subject lines, call-to-action placement, personalization techniques, and more.

Is there a community or forum where I can connect with other members?

Yes, for the duration of your membership you'll have access to Marketing and Hearts exclusive community where you can connect with other handmade business owners.

Can I access the email templates even after I cancel my membership?

No, once you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the mad libs style email templates or any associated resources. It's important to download or save any templates you wish to keep before canceling your membership. However, you can always rejoin the membership in the future to regain access to the templates and continue benefiting from the content.

Is there a refund policy in case I'm not satisfied with the membership?

Unfortunately no refunds are available for this membership. If you'd like to cancel, you can do so right from your membership hub.

What if I have additional questions or need technical support?

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or need technical support, you can request help right from your member dashboard.

I remember when...

I just started email marketing. I was so scared and didn't know what to say. Having a membership like this would have set me up with the best foundation right from the start. (that doesn't cost your first-born child)

And so I offer to you what I wish I would have had back then and saves me countless hours even now to this day. Cheers to you, I can't wait to welcome you to the club!