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The marketing course for handmade & Etsy sellers that want to finally quit their jobs and work their biz full-time

Here’s What TNLHS is All About

Get confident building (and nurturing) your forever audience

No more posting to social media with no real strategy. Now you can feel confident that you’ll grow your audience only with raving fans. Because you’ll be equipped with a specialized posting strategy and understand the right way to engage to get engagement and grow your email list.

Create an entire marketing ecosystem that'll benefit your biz for life

Ever wondered how to do relationship-based email marketing, sales automations or crafting the perfect weekly emailing strategy that’ll make your customers fall in love with you even more? I’ll show you how. And you’ll be amazed how ridiculously easy and profitable your biz gets when you know this little-known secret.

Turn your barely-profitable handmade biz into the full-time income you deserve

Fed up with not getting daily sales notifications on Etsy and your website? Let’s turn that desperation  into satisfaction with a solid marketing & audience building strategy that will have you reaping rewards for life.

No More Guesswork in Your Marketing Strategies

Now you can feel confident that your handmade business or Etsy shop will resonate with your target audience. Because with AI, you'll effortlessly create content that speaks to your customers' desires, find tools that align with your shop's unique soul, and understand how to make AI your new best friend in business. Turn the overwhelm into satisfaction with a smart marketing strategy that will have your handmade business reaping rewards for life.