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✅ Personalized help for your handmade business + private community.

🙌 On-demand access to all courses

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Answering The Next Level members' Etsy questions with my best step-by-step tips & tricks 🔥

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Discover how to use the power of words to sell your handmade products in a totally non-sleazy way. Everything you need to captivate your customers' interest in you and your products.

Up your game on social media, product listings, email marketing - anywhere you communicate with your customers.

8 Lessons - Intermediate

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😱 Give me 35 minutes and I'll show you how you can set your biz up for a lifetime of organic, highly targeted FREE traffic.

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How to get the most out of Instagram with a 30 day repeatable content + engagement strategy that's designed for handmade products-based sellers.

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Step-by-step, how to use Klaviyo to set up your entire behind-the-scenes email marketing system.

This truly is next level marketing on auto-pilot!

33 Lessons - Intermediate