Tools of the trade

The curated list of my favorite handmade business things

These are the tools and resources I use to run my handmade business.

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Handmade Business Tools

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Graphics & Design


Without a doubt the #1 tool you will use ALL THE TIME.

Creative Market

Need an amazing graphics pack, fonts or want to hire an awesome graphic designer? 


Your new secret weapon to get all those tasks done by a pro ☺️


A nice and easy alternative to photoshop 💙

Because adding gifs to your emails is a *must*.


Don’t want to waste countless hours designing social media content? I’ve got you covered.

SEO & Product Research


Everything you need for Etsy SEO research. Free plans available.


Everything you need for Etsy SEO research.


The absolute best keyword research tool (off Etsy SEO) that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


A wordpress plugin that helps you rank your website and products.


A wordpress plugin that not only helps you rank better, but helps you write content! 

Handmade Hunt

Find the top Etsy shops for your research. Perfect for product line designing.

Google Trends

Find out what’s trending, then make products based on this data.


Don’t waste time, find the best products to make and sell on Etsy so you can make sales quicker.


The most powerful keyword research tool on the market. Also the most expensive.

Stay Organized


The best digital organizer/planner ever. This is a must have.

Erin Condren

The only physical planner I have used since 2015. My life would fall apart without it! Yes, it’s that serious ☺️


A quick and easy way to keep on top of tasks and projects. Great for accountability.

Spreadsheets but literally everywhere and it won’t slow down your computer! 

Google Drive

Say goodbye to storing files on your computer and slowing it down! Access all of your files on any device, anywhere.

Google Docs

Type up documents and access anywhere. Never worry about losing files again!

For the Office

This is how I do my bookkeeping.

Shop 4 Mailers

Bulk poly mailers & shipping supplies. My fave!


The go-to shop for business cards and promotional materials.

Not really overnight anymore, but this is the best place to get stickers made in bulk.


Shipping, packaging, boxes & bags.


My favorite place to purchase shipping labels for my website.

The best and most reliable shipping label printer.


Bulk shipping labels.

Value Mailers

Bulk bubble wrap.


Check out what’s on my bookshelf

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